Most of us know the benefits of meditation: relieving stress, getting better sleep, and being mindful. However, it’s hard to find the time and the right method that help us meditate regularly and fit this great practice into our busy life. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on the ground crossed legs burning scents; technology can help facilitate meditation too!

I always wanted to meditate, but I didn’t have time to go to studios.I tried pre-recorded meditation CDs and MP3s, but it didn’t really help also since the guided exercise is pretty limited and it was not adapting to my level. I had put meditation aside until I was introduced to HeadSpace app 6-7 months ago.

Headspace is the way to do meditation in the modern world. This app is created by Andy Puddicombe who has a mission to make meditation accessible to as many people as possible. Andy traveled to the Himalayas to study meditation and he became a Buddhist Monk. After coming back to London, he started a private meditation practice and spent 4 years working as a mindful consultant. Andy gave a great TED Talk on the benefits of being mindful that you can check out here

In Headspace app, Andy walks you through mediation step by step giving you the goals and the plan like a live instructor without the need of a class. Andy enables you to do meditation on your own time with your own pace.

Unlike most meditation CDs, Headspace is progressive. Each day is slightly different from the day before. Andy anticipates your needs and moods at every step and effectively guides you through them. The app offers multiple series focusing on different areas. Beyond foundation series, the app has series for health, relationships, performance, and pro which has less guidance. In additions to the series, Headspace has a set of single sessions that covers the needs for different occasions like walking, sleeping, and SOS.

The first ten sessions of the foundation series are free. These sessions give you a good taste of what is like to use this awesome app. After the first 10 sessions which you can listen to over and over, you can either buy a monthly subscription for $12.99/month or yearly for 7.99/month. Although paying for a subscription to use an app like this sounds a little odd, I personally found it useful. It creates a higher commitment and motivation to do meditation more often. If it was a one-time payment, I would pay and forget about it but with a subscription I need to justify continue paying for it and it’s only justified if I use the app regularly.

Series are designed really well. Andy has a soothing and effective voice and he gives enough guidance to keep you on track but not too much to get you distracted. I believe the guidance is key to making the mediation successful for beginners and Andy does a terrific job at it.

The first 10 sessions also come with some awesome animations which are great to make you familiar with the concepts and actually give you a different perspective of things.

The rest of the series just have videos of Andy talking to you to teach concepts such as visualization technique. I have to say these videos are not as effective and deep as the animations. I hope Andy produces more animations to make these valuable series even more valuable.

Headspace is the meditation tool for the modern world. This app effectively takes advantage of the mobility of the phone and lets you meditate any time and anywhere you want. It makes meditation progressive and it effortlessly keeps track of your progress; something that you can’t get from meditation CDs and MP3s. You can also jump and do on-demand ones which are perfect for different occasions like getting help to go to sleep. More importantly, Headspace is offered by a legit instructor whose mission is to make meditation accessible to as many people as possible. The first 10 sessions are free. Download the app and get a taste of how meditation can improve your life: App for iPhone, App for Andriod.