Have you ever wished that all the things you have to do could be accessible in one place so you could get them done easily and quickly?

Me too! And the good news is that I’ve discovered an amazing app that’s granted me my wish! EasilyDo connects to your mail, calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to capture tasks and data to help you save time and do things easily! From RSVP’ing to pressing invitations to keeping track of precious packages.


EasilyDo integrates fantastically with Facebook and puts you firmly on top of all your social responsibilities. For example, the app extracts all your friends’ birthday data so you have plenty of time to create and schedule the birthday greetings you’re going to put on their wall on the big day.

EasilyDo also does a fantastic job of monitoring your Facebook posts for your friends’ graduations, newborn babies, career moves and other life changing experiences! And you can congratulate them with just one press of the button without having to negotiate the usual clutter of Facebook newsfeeds. The EasilyDo app lets you RSVP instantly to Facebook events too.

In addition to Facebook it, does a lot of other stuff too. For example, by integrating with your calendar EasilyDo can advise you about travel times, telling you when to leave and how long your journey will take based on current traffic conditions.  It can also track your packages in the mail.

One of the features I really like is the way the app allows you to create new contacts. EasilyDo automatically scans your emails for contact information, displays it, and then gives you the option of using it to create a new contact – with a single press of the button! In fact, a single press of the button easily does most things on this app.

The only thing I don’t like about the app is the way it advertises itself on Facebook every time it does something for you. If you use it to post a birthday message for example, the app leaves a conspicuous EasilyDo signature and a link to the EasilyDo page.

Overall, this great app has saved me a lot of time and embarrassment by helping me to appear far more organized and on top of stuff than I actually am! And it can do the same for you. You can download EasilyDo for iPhone or Android phone. Setting up and syncing up to your accounts is easy, and after that everything is self-explanatory. Try it out. You won’t be disappointed!

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