Reusable Mugs to Reduce Waste!

Paper cups might seem to be a good idea at first because they are easy, convenient, and recyclable. However, that last part is a big lie because paper cups are not made of recyclable paper. The interior of these paper cups are lined with low-density polyethylene which is most definitely not collected for recycling. Aside from being bad for the environment, they really affect the taste of hot drinks like tea or coffee. Coffee connoisseurs will agree that coffee or tea in a ceramic mug or glass cup is ambrosia compared to what they taste like from paper cups!

Reduce waste and enjoy a better cup of coffee or tea with the KeepCup Brew! This reusable glass cup is a “barista standard” – which means that it preserves the taste of coffee and tea plus, it helps cut down on waste, which makes for a win-win situation.


Design & Quality

Looks-wise, this is a very good-looking glass travel mug but beauty isn’t all that it has going for it since the cup comes with a lid that seals in the liquid and proves to be efficient at stopping spills when travelling through rough roads. It is the perfect size to fit in most cup holders whether in bikes or cars. The lid is designed to afford users maximum usability which means easier sipping, storing, and cleaning. It is covered in cork which is the perfect way to keep the heat in the drink but allows for easy handling.


The KeepCup glass travel mug has many outstanding qualities aside from its obvious good looks. How does this cup perform? Where is it on the quality scale? Take a look at some important points below:

  • Glass body – The body of this glass travel mug is made from high quality glass that can stand up to a lot of use and abuse. Aside from that, using a glass body improves the taste of hot drinks.
  • Cork sleeve – The cork sleeve adds both to the design and functionality of the travel mug. For one, it allows users to handle hot drinks without fear of getting burned and it adds a quaint, cozy look to the whole design. However, it is important to note that this is the very feature that makes it unsuitable for the dishwasher.
  • Less safety concerns – The cup might take up space in your bags but at least people can drink hot beverages without fear of any chemicals leaking into their drinks. This is one of the biggest safety concerns raised by experts on using plastic and paper cups.


Use and Application

The Keepcup Brew is  offered in two sizes: 8 and 12 oz. 8oz is perfect for cappuccino and espresso and 12 oz is good for latte or drip coffee on the go.

This cup is extremely easy to use. Just fill it up with your favorite hot drink and snap the lid on tightly. Once you are done, it is easy clean with just some soap and water swished around. Place it upside-down to dry or wipe clean with a towel. The only downside to this reusable glass cup is that it is not dishwasher-friendly because of the cork. It needs to be washed by hand, and the cork need not be taken out during the washing process. Do not place in the dishwasher.

This mug has a design that is both functional and amazing to look at. It is perfect for people who enjoy their hot drinks on the go but also in the home. Easy to clean and use, this is a great travel companion.